Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Double standards.

I can’t help but be concerned about the current row over whether Gordon knew or didn’t know about the smear campaign. Politicians have been attacking each other for as long as we’ve had politicians. Over here in little ol Newton we get it regularly. The late Martyn Smith of the Liberal Democrats would always have a swipe at Labour. Current lot are not as good at it. Our Labour Cllr. noticed that our Liberal councillors had not been attending council or town committee meetings and put it in his last leaflet. (Leaflets from Labour don’t come out often). When apologies to these meetings are made no reason for the absence is given and indeed on one occasion at the town committee I expressed concern that we were not properly represented. It now appears that one of their councillors has been ill. Not a problem for me we all get sick from time to time. However they are claiming in their last leaflet that the Labour councillor acted inappropriately by telling people they had missed meetings and did indeed break council etiquette to score political points because the reason for their absence was his illness. My disappointment comes because until it was published in local evening newspaper about his illness I do not believe that the Labour councillor could have been aware of it or are councillors being trained in mind reading on induction? By publishing this attack on David I think they are now guilty of using the illness for political gain. Perhaps an apology is required here. It seems to be the season for asking for them. The Liberals leaflets these days lack substance and are not a patch on the quality Martyn used to put out. They do however put these things out regularly on a quarterly basis and over here in Newton leaflets win elections. Next time we will end up with a trumped up “community champion” (their description not mine) who does not live in our ward and except for perhaps delivering a few leaflets contributes absolutely nothing to our community.
Marks out of 10 four, should do much better but at the moment they are the only group seen to be doing anything. Now I know that ain't so because I see Cllr. Hosell in action with NHW and othe community stuff but if you don't tell the electorate how are they going to know?

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