Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Masochist or moron?

I used the No16 bus service on Good Friday to come back from Birmingham City Centre. The bus stops near M&S so not far to walk. I was the last person to get on. The misses had found a seat and was waiting my arrival. Not walking so good on Friday so using the walking stick I offered the driver my bus pass fully expecting him to check it. This guy never took his eyes of the road ahead. He never saw any passenger get on or what their needs might be. I’m struggling a bit so stand by the pay station holding the rail getting ready for the walk along the bus to join the wife. Driver decides it’s time to move off. No matter this old guy who is having difficulty walking is still holding the support rail. Its foot on the gas peddle, big jolt as the bus pulls away. Bob’s projected forward. Now I’m not sure how but somebody up there likes me because I’m propelled forward in a most undignified manner and deposited in the seat next to the wife. She was not amused and neither was I. If I had been feeling better I would certainly have tackled this bloke about his actions but when you hurt both physically and emotionally by his actions I just accepted what had happened. Now though I’m hopping mad that such a thoughtless driver could have put my well being at risk. I’m coming down on the side of moron.

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