Monday, 27 April 2009

Newton & Great Barr clinic

What is going on? Recent report in Express & Star claims three new doctors’ surgeries and new clinic to open by June. This is not exactly new news and I suspect the E&S have got a few facts wrong in the reference to opening dates and build details. I’m delighted of course that up to 20000 Sandwell people will eventually benefit from these facilities. I searched the article for any reference to facilities in Great Barr & Newton and guess what? Nothing, one of the worst areas for health provision and still at the back of the pile. The case seems to have gone a little cold perhaps it’s time I went along to see my councillors again this week and my MP. An update is about due. I suspect that unless we keep agitating about this it will quickly get swept under the table and forgotten. I can feel an agitation coming on.

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