Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Flag counter and such.

Firstly can I thank all my regular readership whoever you are for your continued patronage. With flag counter I can tell how many hits I get and of course the countries across the world I get them. I’m delighted at both the hit rate in UK and the interest from abroad.
I suppose when readers log on it’s a bit like arriving in the car park of a restaurant if you see plenty of vehicles parked you think this must be an OK place to eat and hence the blog “this might be worth a read. The comments section from abroad though is none existent and I wonder why. It’s not my American family who are the USA interest for example I checked that out.
My clinic campaign attracts some local interest as does the local political items but there must be a lot more of the silent majority who read and leave. I’m following a lot more blogs than I used to. Methodist Preacher for example got very few comments until he did a piece on global warming which attracted 24 comments to date. http://methodistpreacher.blogspot.com/2009/07/global-warming-alternative-spirituality.html

I’m not heavy into the spiritual stuff or the totally biased political bloggers who seem to dominate the blogasphere in fact what is happening to me on a day by day basis and the issues here in Newton keep me focused.
We do however have a general election coming up and next year local elections to so I’m sure health permitting I’m going to get involved with these.
As a taster I think Sandwell MPs need to wake up to the threat of far right parties because I think one of them could loose their seat. We only have to look at what happened in Tipton, correlate that to fed up pensioners and unemployed in those wards and others and we have our first far right MP. What a disaster for Sandwell.


Fat Prophet said...

I think your point about politicians of the far right is absolutely correct - there is a very real danger and of course one of the problems is that among their policy documents they do have some things that are not too extreme and broadly popular. The main parties really need to wakeup to the threat that is not just on their doorstep but in the front porch as well.
I am intrigued by the wide range of nations that are visiting you and wonder if there are former Great Barrites all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the blogging, Bob!