Thursday, 23 July 2009

Green paper.

The long awaited green paper on adult social care was published last week. I haven’t commented much lately on the Brown government performance because quite frankly it depresses me, lurching as it does from one crisis to the next. This is another of Browns to little to late measures. He knows what needs to be done his own constituents have a scheme in place which is far better than that outlined in the green paper. If the Scottish parliament can pay for it why can’t we? We are going to spend the next few months talking about payment systems when we should be talking about quality of care.
The health secretary said radical reform was needed to end the cruel lottery of the current system which sees some older people selling their house to pay for care while others receive it for free. The three payment options do not remove the risk though; they all only cover part payment. This whole topic depresses me because I have known pensioners who had to loose their home to pay for care and it is a very distressing time. I think if it ever gets near that with me a trip to Switzerland would be on the cards. I’d never rest if I thought a Tory or even Labour government for that matter had seized the assets I have worked for all my life when over the border it would not be necessary.
Gordon will never win a general election with this kind of animosity towards him present. The damage done with pensions and pensioners is to deep and to long to be repairable so wake up all Sandwell MPs now is the time to act.
I think unless they act one of them will loose their seat to a far right candidate. The clock is ticking, Tip-ton, Tip-ton, Tip-ton, Tip-ton. Or have Labour decided to throw in the towel and loose with him?
I do hope not.

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