Thursday, 30 July 2009

Rocking the boat II

Steady as she goes. Don’t panic!
It’s not all bad news for us wrinkles’. The labour government have given us some things to be proud of. £10 Christmas bonus (oh dear that was the Tories), free prescriptions for the over sixties and free eye tests again for over sixties. Free public transport up and down the country on local services, winter fuel allowances, free TV licenses for over eighties and a sixty quid recession bonus. We have more doctors and nurses than pre 97 waiting lists have been cut and recovery from some cancers is better than ever. What more could we ask for? Gordon also gave us 200 quid for help with our council tax and took it away after the election. Sorry: this piece is about the positive aspects of being old under Gordon. Did I mention our Christmas bonus (ten quid yes ten, however am I going to spend it)? He gave us means testing or pensioner’s tax credit which has taken many pensioners out of poverty but is the most despised scheme ever. There I go again moving back to the negative. I must try harder. Now let me think is there anymore positive stuff?
I’ve been and had a lie down to think, did I mention our Christmas bonus? No there is no more. Still I suppose we should be grateful for the crumbs from the table. Like hell we should. Wake up you lot this is not good enough. Many pensioners have to live on less per year than an MP’s expenses that do not need a receipt. Puts it into perspective don’t you think? What an absolute bloody disgrace. I think I should remind you of the last two lines from my poem which summaries what our demands are: -

Our claim we feel is not overrated,
a fair share of the wealth that we created.

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