Monday, 13 July 2009

A quiet week end.

Not totally as I planned it but perhaps for the better. The disease/drugs did one of their catch up routines on Sunday and washed me out again. Fortunately we had pretty much completed what we wanted to do before hand and a lazy day was a bit of a bonus for me. I did a little political lobbying with our local councillors and MP via email just to get a better understanding of their views on the position with our PCT and clinic. I’ll report on the outcome in due course. I’m convinced the only reason we are making any progress with our clinic campaign is because of the cross party support for this, the adverse publicity the PCT are getting and the now clearly demonstrated public frustration at the position here in Newton. I’m sceptical I suppose because I have been in a similar position with PCT a couple of years ago when a doctor closed his surgery in our ward. Together with a friend from the Great Barr & Newton forum I went along to meet with them and we were promised a replacement doctor. An offer which was later withdrawn/denied. A lot more witnesses this time but a lot more “get out” references also.

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