Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Scot Arms road hog

The Scot Arms road junction is one of the busiest in the country. On the Birmingham side of the junction there is a long parade of shops, mostly banks and building societies. A chemist, green grocer, off licence that sort of business. Since the introduction of Red Route parking has been restricted but with enough short term places to be able to get to the bank etc if required. Parking is usually civilised because a lot of double parking takes place drivers are usually sensible about it and business is done. Traffic wardens patrol from time to time but mostly the “Scots” gets on with its business fairly well.
Yesterday I was feeling a lot below par when I took the wife to the Scots to put a cheque into the bank. I parked as close as possible and because I knew she would only be a few minutes I partially blocked a passageway leading to the rear of the bank. This is not usually a problem. If someone wants to use the passage, well move up a little. Behind and to my side a Jag stopped. No problem double parking takes place all the time. Then he starts to toot his horn. I look around to see him gesticulating to me to move. Normally this would not be a problem but I notice he has a mobile phone held up at his ear. Using a mobile phone like this is not only illegal but one of my pet hates. I put my finger to my mouth and thumb to my ear to indicate the use of the phone. This only irritated Jag driver more. He starts tooting harder and waving his left hand to me to move and showing me he wants to drive into the passageway. This time I indicate the phone and cut symbol with my hand across my throat. He’s getting more irritated; driving rules don’t apparently apply to him. He’s not going to be told what to do by some old geezer in a tiny Peugeot car. His tooting is getting longer and his hand waving more animated. No thought that perhaps just perhaps he should put the phone down so that he could drive safely. I decide that unless I move on this is going to get nasty and feeling as I did I could do without it. I smiled demurely pulled away to see him shaking his fist.
What should we do about this kind of behaviour? I think we should have a phone number where incidents of this type can be reported. It is a simple matter of checking times with phone usage and a reliable witness to punish these drivers. I just hope that Jag driver does not kill anyone.


Methodist Preacher said...

You know, just in this last few weeks I've noticed courtesy on the road has taken a nosedive. And where are the police when someone is using their phone?

Yesterday I was doing a right turn as someone from the opposite direction was doing the same - our paths had to cross - she was driving very jerkily because she had only one hand on the wheel. She didn't have the sense to say to whoever she was speaking too "give us a second while I get round this difficult corner".

Us old geezers need to be a bit cankatorous - I feel it helps the youngsters to know there are some bloody minded baby boomers still about!

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thanks for comment MP I can be cankatorous without really trying. Hands free kits are very cheap these days so I can't understand why they do it. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Fat Prophet said...

Him not you Bob - It's enough to make you do a Victor Meldrew

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I don't believe it.