Friday, 3 July 2009

I’m a ferret II

This is starting to pong a little
I got an answer to my letter re my post of Wednesday 17th June: - “I’m like a ferret”: - Local news. Concerning my concerns about posters and the procedure for displaying them at community centres. The letter makes interesting reading. The reason for the delay is stated as “the council had recently issued instruction on certain political parties” No political party was mentioned on our poster. If you take the letter on face value centre managers or indeed their managers can’t take any decisions for themselves. The head of service had to rule on this one. There is no explanation why the thing was stuck on someone’s desk for four days. The whole thing smacks of cover up to me. I went along to the community centre today to check on the “facts” and got a completely different story.
I think we lost this little spat but we have a piece of intelligence we did not have before and that is again if you take this letter on face value there is an element on the management committee who do not want a clinic at this centre. I am though not going to let this rest. Something is very wrong here and it needs sorting. As far as I’m concerned the management committee and local management should be working for the best interests of the centre and community at large. Preventing our poster being seen did neither.

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Fat Prophet said...

As the bard of Avon would put it 'There is something rotten in the state of Sandwell'.