Saturday, 25 July 2009

Norwich North

What’s that got to do with you? I hear you all say! Well perhaps a couple of you who will have noticed the Tories won a significant victory there on Thursday. I must be getting REALLY OLD because the new MP looks as though she just got out of sixth form in the same way as coppers and junior doctors do to me these days. Anyway I digress. I had completely forgotten about this by-election when I wrote my last post on the Green Paper and suggested that if Sandwell’s MPs didn’t wake up and do something one of them would loose to a far right candidate. Well from memory because I can’t remember the numbers but I think if this swing was continued into next year we just lost Adrian Bailey and perhaps if my fears are correct to a far right candidate. The Tories have not tried very hard in West Brom over the last few general elections but the far right did a while back and won three council seats. Are the warning signs not there?
Now remember any significant changes in policy: Pensioners first. I can write you a comprehensive list of vote winning changes. You know it makes sense. The clock is ticking loud:- Tip-ton,Tip-ton,Tip-ton,Tip-ton.

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