Thursday, 16 July 2009

I’ve got a project granddad

Don’t I just love it when the grandkids need help? The conversation went something like. I’ve got a project granddad, that’s nice son I’m sure you’ll do really well. He usually corrects me if I call him son but not this time he needs my help. You don’t understand I need you and Mum to help. It appears he wants to enter a hobbies competition at school which he has known about for a while and ignored. I’m impressed though he has all the appropriate materials and as used his other granddad to provide his demo board. At 12yrs old he’s been learning about mass production because he quickly gets me and his Mum in a line doing the work whilst he arranges the finished goods on his display board. I’m impressed and we get an invite into school to see the exhibition. He came second in his category for year 7 so well done Hippy and granddads and Mum and Nan.
I’m going to get into a lot of trouble over this blog I’m not supposed to tell anyone. Shushhhhhhh it’s a secret!

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