Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Local politics & such

I haven’t blogged much over the past few days because a) my minder (the misses) keeps finding me “little” jobs around the house and b) our local Labour councillor asked me to help him design a newsletter. I was flattered by the request and very happy to do it. He and his wife have helped the misses and me on several occasions over the last few months without being asked. He is also a leading member of TAG Tanhouse Action Group which is lobbying for our clinic. I couldn’t do much worse than the bland effort put out recently by the Liberals I thought. Although I say so myself I’m pretty good at these things. It is something I can do well and am not prevented by my physical limitations from doing.
I was given a free rein in terms of design. Dave outlined what he wanted to say and a rough idea of layout and then left it to me. I have to say Dave is delighted with the design and so am I. It covers more on the front page than the last two Liberal efforts put together. I will perhaps publish the front page at a time I am sure no political advantage will be given away. The content is reminiscent of “Election Specials” put out by a now deceased ex councillor who could make a something and nothing story sound like he was saving the world. Well our ward anyway. This one contains none of the usual swipe at the opposition or any outrageous claims. In fact in a piece on the clinic, councillor colleagues are thanked for their support. I coined the quote “Keeping his promises, no outrageous claims and no knocking the opposition” at the finish of the leaflet. It’s full of surprises like that and those of you who get a copy I hope you enjoy it.
I referred to the bland nature of recent Liberal efforts and I suppose they lack the input of the ex councillor I mentioned. Newton as always been the battle of the leaflets. Martyn Smith realised this some 30yrs ago when he started his quarterly newsletters. Residents thought somebody was actually working for them. Labour never engaged with this process and as for the Tories we get one very poor quality leaflet just before an election. They spend most of the leaflet complaining about THE PUBLIC in West Brom and little else. It will be interesting to see if this starts a leaflet war so to speak. Will the Liberals raise their game? Will the Tories actually print one? Will Labour match the quarterly output of the Liberals? I ought to offer my services to the other two parties. I would of course have to make a small charge for Liberals and a much larger fee to the Tories to help pay for my health care and the education of my grandkids if they do come back into power. I might have to learn to talk propa. You know plumb in the gob.
Casting becomes carsting Sandwell becomes Sarndwell etc. Gi us good ol black cutra any da.
If anyone wants a good quality leaflet/newsletter designed I’m your man. Have computer, have software but can’t travel far.


Bob Piper said...

Well done Bob.

we make a point in all of our literature of never mentioning the opposition at all. We don't even acknowledge their existence, and we haven't done in the 25 years I have been in Abbey Branch.

Why should we tell people who the opposition are? And anyway, the public are turned off by people saying this is what someone else HASN'T done. What they want is for you to tell them what you are going to do, and then bloody well do it!

Best of luck with Dave's newsletter... and when you've laid it out, publish it as a pdf and get it pushed out by e-mail to his e-mail contacts...(your MP might be able to help with some of those e-mail addresses).

margaret macklin said...

I find this really interesting.Have you ever voted for anyone to represent you either at |council or parliament by what you read in a leaflet?Especially leaflets that are mostly unregulated and often untrue?I remember delivering a leaflet that said that we should be patient over roadworks.I dont know what made my blood boil more -the roadworks or the leaflet that I was wasting my time delivering.People used to put their green bins under the porch letterbox so they didnt waste their time picking it up!I hope your is entertaining at least.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Margaret, unfortunately people do. I have often heard folks comment on this or that councillors is actually doing something on the basis of leaflet. As I say in my post Newton is the battle of the leaflets.