Friday, 6 November 2009

President Blair

Or not depending on which newspapers you read. Personally I don’t give a toss who gets the job but I have some concerns on what the post represents and how much it is going to cost us Euro tax payers. He will technically not be elected so who does he represent? I suppose he/she will be a bit like a Lord Mayor chairing the council but largely ceremonial. Tony would I’m sure turn it into a powerful role and would be respected abroad. I can’t understand why we need one and why now? If some Europhile in Brussels think that having a single voice for Europe is going to work he/she must be off their trolley. Britain can speak for itself in the world and long may it continue. We have enjoyed peace in Europe for all of my adult life and I think this is largely due to the reliance the Euro nations have on each other. With the rise of far right parties and with some of them getting MEPs elected I have concerns for the future. I was listening to the Today Programme when they interviewed Lord (on your bike)Tebbit who as I understand was defending Cameron’s stance on referendums as more or less what ever it takes to get rid of “this wretched government”. I can remember when he came out with his now famous “On your bike” statement the state of our economy and the uncaring approach they showed to the unemployed at that time. If ever there was “a wretched government” it was the one he was associated with. I’m afraid the nearer the election gets and the more I listen to his smug lot the more I realise a vote for them would be putting us back 25years. Leaking school roofs, waiting lists and run down hospitals etc. No, not for me, I like fairness in our society and we will certainly not see it under Cameron & Co. Brown has done a poor job for pensioners but I prefer his approach to the alternative. The lesser of the evils not much of a choice is it? Coming from a dedicated anti Brown campaigner this seems like a U turn but not so, just a realisation of what we now face. It would seem inevitable that Labour are going to go with Brown whatever the consequences. I wish I understood this strategy. Cameron’s smuggies on the other hand don’t seem to have any real policies except that they expect to win. Remember Kinnock?

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Gerry said...

So you think Labour have improved
things do you Bob? how long have you been waiting for a clinic,
who was it who robbed the pensions,who was it who sold the
gold when it was going for a song.
and lower waiting lists , they just fiddle the lists. the schools are being closed down in villages
and kids are being made to go miles
to school. not a very good record