Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Smoking at Sandwell Hospital

I have commented many times in my “Bulletin on the railings” series on the disgusting habit by smokers at my local hospital. Despite notices to the contrary smokers continue to bloke the main entrances puffing away in complete oblivion. Last week was the worst ever with about ten around the main entrance blocking my escape and the car park pay machine. I’ve had enough. The following is an open letter to the Chief Executive of the trust asking for some action. Let’s see if the power of the web can get something done.

"John Adler Chief Executive.
Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Hospital Trust.

Sandwell Hospital.
Dear Mr. Adler,
Because of a serious illness I have to attend Sandwell Hospital has an out patient on a regular basis. I am pleased with the treatment I have received over the last two years.
There is however an issue that needs to be brought to your attention. At both entrances to the hospital there are notices advising people that they are no smoking areas and you have supplied a smoker’s cabin where smoking is allowed. I have to advise you that these notices are being ignored. Because the pay machines for the car park are situated near the main doors it is impossible to avoid breathing in second hand cigarette smoke. Because of the blatant disregard of others it is time I feel for further measures to be taken against these smokers. I have no objection to them ruining their health and putting at risk any treatment they may be getting but I do not want my health to be put further at risk by their behaviour.
I propose to make this an open letter to you and publish it along with your reply on my web site at
Something needs to be done and urgently.
Yours sincerely,"


Methodist Preacher said...

Whilst it is good to go into smoke free environments these days it is difficult when you leave. For example it is now impossible to sit in a pub garden on a lovely summer's day because the air is fouled by smoking. In the past smokers tended to congregate around the bar.

I often travel down to London and leaving Euston station means confronting a thoroughly polluted area at all times of day and night.

In hospitals these smoking colonies - often as you point out unavoidable - can have a detrimental impact on the health of others, especially those with breathing and ling disorders. When I was at Heartlands they had a problem with people smoking immediately outside an area where people were taking breathing tests.

However the other thing I learnt at Heartlands is that it is a brave security guard who asks people to stub it out of move on.

I hope that the CEO takes your letter seriously.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Me too