Saturday, 7 November 2009

Nice surprise

I was feeling a bit below par (BBCB terms “crap”) this morning so the wife got up to make the tea. When she came back she had a small package in her hand addressed to me. Be careful she said when opening that it could be from Cllr X who I have been giving a hard time to lately. I fondled it carefully and decided it was safe to open. Surprise surprise it was a copy of the book “A bang or a whimper” written by fellow blogger over at Fat Prophet
The accompanying note said to an honorary black contra man; hope it cheers you up during your treatment. Thank you FP I will treasure it and I’m sure it will cheer me up. Your web detective work in tracking me down is also very impressive.
Best wishes BBCB


Fat Prophet said...

It arrived by special delivery at 11-30p.m. last night. I was fetching my daughter from her friends in Hampstead - look forward to hearing what you think of the book.
Still praying for you and Pat.

hill_topper said...

Good luck with your treatment Bob I hope it goes well. I,m
pleased you have A copy of Fat profits book, i'm sure it will cheer you up and give you many laughs along the way.