Wednesday, 10 September 2008

For Sandwell Council from my favourite magazine

A little while ago I did a series of posts on how I thought Sandwell Council could save money instead of their current practise of attacking the most vulnerable with increases in charges for services. One of the suggestions was a switch to solar panel street lighting. The following from Gizmag today seems that this is now more than a dream.

“The argument for switching to solar-powered street lighting seems very clear cut: they run on sunlight, emit no CO2 emissions, provide an off-the grid source of lighting during in an emergency situation and use efficient LED-based light which tends not to attract insects. Sharp Corporation has announced plans to roll-out two new models of solar-powered LED street lights in the Japanese market and these have the added bonus of in-built Seismic Motion Sensors which detect earthquakes of five or greater on the Japanese seismic scale and respond by switching to full illumination for two nights”.
So listen up Sandwell they are here now. No thanks are necessary for pointing out these suggestions. I know the big reduction in council tax is on it’s way. There you go again Bob off in the realms of fantasy land. Go and have a lie down.
You can use the street lights outside my house to test one if you wish. Always happy to help.

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