Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Pensioners against Brown. Its back.

I'm staying focused and getting on with the job.

I had hoped that during the summer a genuine challenge would be made on his leadership and that bigger fish than I would be campaigning to get rid of him. But alas this looks like it has fizzled out to nothing so it has to be pensioners again to take up the baton.
Yesterdays announcements about mortgages left me feeling let down. Talk about the classic “to little to late” the upside I suppose was the Tories announcing they plan to raise Inheritance tax threshold to over million quid will thrill all us pensioners with sheer delight.
I can’t wait to see what dear Gord is going to do on helping struggling families with energy bills. This is not so much an economic re-launch more a piddling splash in a puddle.
Hapless Alistair and Gord have been on the tele recently telling us its not our fault. I’m sick of hearing the credit crunch, high oil and commodity prices all out side our control. Well rubbish. Gordon in his Prudence days promised the country we would not return to boom and bust and here we are going bust. He and he alone was responsible for economic policy for the last ten years. He knew what was going on over the pond and he ignored it. There are many things he could have done to prevent this and if he had prepared for a rainy day we would not be facing the crises we are today.
So my question is ;- is Prudence Brown the man who bankrupt Britain?

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