Monday, 15 September 2008


My Mum used to tell me that good and bad news came in threes. This myth also applied to things going wrong in your life. Good old wives tale I suppose but I can tell you it’s a load of crap. In our house at the moment if it’s mechanical or electronic it’s going wrong. I’m not just talking about old stuff but new equipment as well. Problem is it can take an awful long time to sort out. Taking stuff back, getting engineers in, replacing old stuff. I just want to get on with doing what I do. Good example my HP printer which has not done a lot of work suddenly spit out some tiny plastic bits and then refused to accept that it had paper. End of print run and now a trip to West Brom to get it replaced. This was a relatively expensive printer which is only a few months old. The real rub is that if the machine is more than three months old it has to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. Grrrr do I believe their promise of how long it will take? No

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Gerry said...

Lets have a smile.
English Rabbi really likes Pork which is against his faith,
while on holiday in Spain he though
"nobody know me here" and orders a whole little pig for lunch, the pig came looking crisp and brown crackling done just right with an apple stuck in is mouth,but to the Rabbi,s horror a member of his congregation was sitting two tables away, the fellow comes over to the Rabbi,s table, "look at this" said the Rabbi,"I ordered an apple and it came like this.