Sunday, 7 September 2008

I’m back

Well I’ve never really been away and I can’t explain why I have not posted for such a long time. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, I’ve not got writers block or got fed up with the blog. In fact I still have plenty to say. My friend Gerry made a good point in that a lot of anger was showing in some of my posts. I don’t think its anger but more frustration with myself these days in that I can’t do as much as I used to and I have to settle for a more sedate life style and I have to rely on other people more than I used to. Hence things move at a slower pace. A good example of this was our new boiler. Fitting of it went well until one of the fitters bust a tap in our bathroom and we realised the shower would not work from the new system, We now have a new shower but British Gas after sales service in replacing our bath taps is very poor. Admittedly we have a temporary arrangement so we can have a bath but the misses is not impressed because the taps don’t match the rest of the plumbing. Surprising how long it has taken to get all this lot sorted and the house back to something like how we like it. It was almost fate in that a few days after fitting we had to switch on the heating because it was so cold.
I’ll get back to commenting on Gordons lack of empathy with the electorate in a day or two and how I think us pensioners should treat him.
Pensioners against Brown continues. You heard it on this blog first.

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Gerry said...

Glad to see you back Bob, I was getting worried, after a weekend with the kids and grandchildren
I am feeling a bit nacked my self.