Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Ground Care

Since Sandwell’s tree surgeon decimated my view I have been been branching out so to speak looking at some other aspects of what Sandwell do on my estate. My councillor tells me the head of trees is satisfied our trees were crown lifted correctly and pruning had true cuts. We have six grassed areas on the estate. At the moment all the grass needs cutting but I guess that is because of the recent bad weather. Starting from the top the first grassed area is always the subject of litter being not far from an off licence. The kids buy booze get to this site and throw away the containers. We need a litter bin on this corner. The grass though is in reasonable condition and if cut regularly would look good. Moving down the hill the next site is in a very bad way. Partly due to the residents who have used it as a building site and partly due to the gas work which was never put right. Grass here is in a poor condition and dangerous to walk across. The trees have been pruned. Moving further down the hill you come to our patch, nice lawns and well looked after. The next patch used to contain three mature trees which were cut down about three years ago and never replaced. The grass is in not to bad a condition and could look good if properly maintained. The final two grassed areas are opposite each other at the junction with Hamstead Rd. Both of these sites are a disgrace and should be the subject of a visit from the enforcement officer. One as been used as a building site by the owner of the property adjoining it. The grass is none existent and rubbish has been left on the grass whilst building work as been carried out over the last 12 months. Long overdue for some council action with this home owner. On the opposite side of the road is a chip shop with a grassed area which contains a path to other local shops. This site is always blighted by litter and as far as I can see the operator of the business does not take ownership of any of the litter scattered around the site. There are sufficient litter bins strategically sited so there is no excuse for the garbage we see every week end. Action is needed now! I wont hold my breath.

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