Saturday, 20 September 2008

Isn’t it great when things just work!

Earlier this week I posted (Threes) how things had been going awry recently. The last offending piece of kit being one of my printers. I had to take it back to Staples who sent it off to HP for repair. I was doubtful about their 7-10 days for completion. Well yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to be called and told “your printer is ready Sir” 5days max. What a surprise. All I need to do is persuade Staples to have toilet facilities.
Some minor software changes and a little fault finding online to get it fully operational but better than expected service.
I’m a bit of a gadget man me so I suppose at times things will go wrong big time. Loosing a regular used piece of kit though is like loosing your wheels. I don’t like it. Calm is now restored to BBCB household everything is working as it should. I think!

1 comment:

sean gould said...

yeah staples are good at times of crisis
ive had a few encounters with them
always come away happy