Monday, 24 August 2009

400 not out

I suppose this is as good a time as any for a little reflection and a little personal pat on the back. Well done Bob. When I started I had no fixed agenda and little idea that I could write as prolifically as has been proved. I had to write technical reports as part of my job but they were not regular events and less than inspiring for anyone other than the three or four people they were intended for. My old boss once commented on my report writing skills: - “your English is poor, you’re spelling worse but your reports are always interesting” I took that to be a compliment. My English improved, the spell checker takes care of that and “interesting” I do hope the skill have not been lost. I started writing poetry after I retired and after a visit to West Brom where I was appalled at the litter in the town with my first poem “Dirty Sandwell” I’m pleased to be able to report that things are much better in respect to cleanliness in the borough but we still need to improve. The poem has been published in local press and appears in three books of poetry. Not bad for a first attempt. I think it was probably the subject matter rather than the quality of writing that appealed to the publishers.
First posting 12th December 2007
First comment from Eve 19th December 2007
I had been diagnosed with this dreadful malaise then about 6 months prior to starting blog yet felt capable of doing it. First round of drugs were still working and blood numbers were acceptable and I had that ever so valuable asset I often lack these days, energy.
The blog has evolved a lot since then with a change of appearance and a more sophisticated approach to subject matter but still written with the same aims to report local issues that affect me and my local environs.
I have upset a few councillors and council officers along the way and I don’t apologise for this. My biggest success though I suppose is that the blog brought to the attention of the local press our problems with lack of health care provision in our area and the indifference our PCT were showing to it. It has also helped me during the periods when I had great difficulty getting about to stay in touch with the world and to a lesser extent for the world to keep in touch with me.
More on the clinic in due course because this issue is far from complete and I suspect a more direct and disruptive approach is likely to be necessary. Until then I look forward to 500 not out.

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Fat Prophet said...

congratulations on your quatrocentenary (I think that's the word)- spell checker doesn't like it. Keep up the good work and her's to 500 not out!!