Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Bulletin on the railings

After a routine visit to his consultant his majesty has asked me to make the following statement. There are some blood abnormalities with his condition at the moment. These are being addressed by the introduction of a new drug which the medical team have a lot of confidence with. It is not expected that the change in his condition will affect his public duties in anyway. He thanks you for your good wishes.
The reality. Blood numbers go belly up. New drug has a good track record in dealing with similar situations to mine but no guarantees. Next month is critical and another treatment option is exhausted. The alternate option if this is not successful is not very pleasant having been there before I’d rather not go there again.

PS off the air. I will be off the air so speak for a few days. I have a project I wish to complete which will keep me fully occupied for about a week. Please take care. I will try to publish any comments you may wish to make.

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