Saturday, 8 August 2009

The West Brom

I don’t know what to make of the current goings on at West Bromwich Building Society these days. The previous management got into a mess and had to be bailed out by a complex range of measures involving some of its lesser partners.
The new management team seem determined to not only re-name the Society involving Birmingham but we now hear they are considering moving the HQ to Birmingham. To better reflect their expansion plans. These guys don’t come from these parts do they?
The West Brom was always a bedrock of financial stability. Your money was safe in a West Brom account. They always believed in prudent financial management and over it’s 100 plus years had become well respected and trusted. Members of the Society have in the main accepted the measures used to get it out of short term problems it had but the new proposals will not go down well. Moving to Birmingham will be the last straw for me. My albeit small savings account will be closed. The problem here though is which other building society to use?
The West Brom moving from West Brom is almost unthinkable and the knock on effect for the town will be immense. I do hope our civic leaders will be as outraged at this proposal as I feel the society members will be.
**“Keep the West Brom in West Brom”**


Fat Prophet said...

Well said Bob! It is ridiculous tochange the name to start off with but then to move the West Brom from West Brom - they might as well have tried to call it 'Sandwell'. Sometimes people ask me where I am from and I say West Bromwich and they might say that's Sandwell then and I say no its West Bromwich. Lets as you say hope there will be a proper public outrage at this move.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I can feel another protest campaign coming on