Monday, 31 August 2009

Sandwell Show

Or to be precise Sandwell Community Show. Over the last eight or nine years I’ve been an exhibitor of one sort or another trying to flog something or get folks to do something at these shows. This year I went along as a punter. What a great show it is. It must be the biggest free show of its kind in the midlands. Because I was not exactly feeling good I knew I would not be able to walk far and we went along to Shop Mobility to get a scooter. Although I had not booked they went out of their way to help me. Once they established my eligibility to use one I was quickly acquainted with my chariot for the afternoon. This was a first time for me and it allowed me to get around the whole show and meet up with a lot of people and organisations I was used to dealing with.
The usual freebies were being given out but the best deal of the show has to be Eon who were giving away (on a first come first served basis) a devise for turning off all peripherals once the computer is turned off. And it works! These things retail for about 18 quid so I though this was a good deal.
I enjoyed a jacket spud lunch with the misses and some friends. Great afternoon. My mate commented that I was very polite and thoughtful when driving my buggy.
Well done Sandwell Council.
Polite, thoughtful and praising our council, I need to go and have a lie down, I'm sickening for something.


Gerry said...

Thank you Bob, I,ve learn,t a new word, peripherals
I had to look it up in the dictionery. they say your never to old to learn, I,m glad you enjoyed the show.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thank you Ma