Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A full English

Breakfast that is. Regular readers will have noticed I haven’t been posting so regularly recently. Well that is because my wife and I were invited to a friends wedding down south and together with many of the other wedding guests (also friends of ours) decided to make a long week end of it, stay in a nice hotel and enjoy ourselves for a few days. I don’t often have the pleasure of a full English breakfast these days and I have to admit to fanaticising over this for some time. I usually have to make do with cereal and if I’m lucky a piece of toast and a cup of coffee. So the delights of bacon & egg and all the trimmings were drooling in my mind.
Wonderful day, great wedding, everyone had a lovely time. I get tired easily these days so I decided to turn in about 11pm sober, because I had to drive back to our hotel. Unknown to me at that time I had picked up some kind of virus which manifest itself to me in the early hours of the morning in the form of vomiting and me have to depart with copious amounts of brown smelly liquid which my body clearly did not need from the other end. This procedure continued until about sixish when I finally fell back into bed dehydrated and exhausted. My wife slept blissfully all the way through it. How dare she ever complain about my snoring again. By 9am she had coaxed me to the breakfast table and collected a very well laid out breakfast from the buffet for me because I was not in any state to get my own. I managed a piece of dry toast and I lost count of the cups of coffee but the full English was only picked at.
The misses is really good at making decisions in a crisis and for this one she packed up, bundled me into the car and came home. A bit of a risk I thought but the engagement with sink and loo did not re-start again until the early hours of the following morning. She also slept through that.
I’m pleased to say that 48hrs have passed since and I am eating normally so I guess the crisis is almost over. I can’t yet bring myself to drooling over a full English though. I need some rehab the virus and my other drugs have conspired to upset my sleep pattern which is why I am up in the early hours writing my blog.

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