Monday, 10 August 2009

Dizzy blond or the big sh** and the really Twirly

Early on Friday morning (early for me to be airing the streets is 8ish) I had to go into West Brom. The wife asked me to take her to the bus terminal on the way. After the debate on having to pay etc she decided it was imperative that she went at that time. Apparently on Diamond buses the fare into brum is 50p. I duly delivered her safely to the terminus and stopped a little way behind a bus. She jumps out and starts to walk towards the bus about 20yds, when the driver promptly pulls out with the wife waving at him. The next bus which is queuing a little way down the road is ten mins at that time of day.
I proceed on my way, only to be interrupted a couple of mins into my journey by my mobile phone. Because I’m driving I have to find a safe place to park up to answer it. “I’ve left my bag in the car which I want to return to M&S”. I suppose this is good enough reason for me to do a detour. I finally get her happily onto her bus. I’m a little late but peace and harmony reign in the BBCB household.
It got me thinking though about the bus service into brum. This is the second time an incident like this has occurred recently. Perhaps the bus companies are not interested in passenger numbers or perhaps this was the same driver. I wonder if any of my local readers have witnessed similar problems.

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