Thursday, 6 August 2009

Pensioners manifesto

The NPC has about 500,000 members mostly ex trade unionist who subscribe through union membership of one form or other. These are mostly long term labour supporters who feel let down by present governments handling of their needs. I'm a private member very supportive of their demands. The above document is the NPC manifesto for pensioners. I was at conference when this was debated and although there is much I agree with I don't think it goes far enough. But I'll be happy if we get half of what they are asking for. About three years ago I lobbied one of Sandwell's MPs on the terrace at Westminster while I was on a visit with a local group. The MP told me (I wont name him/her because it would embarrass her/him) but I was told the standard how proud they were at having lifted 2million pensioners out of poverty and for anything else we would have to be patient. Now telling a pensioner to be patient is like asking a turkey to vote for Christmas. I was less than impressed. But for the arrival of another group the discussion would have turned awkward. I have since had little time for this MP. I will be asking mine if he will be supporting the "Pensioners Manifesto" as soon as possible. In the meantime I ask you all to take this document seriously. In fact I'll email him a copy of it today.
We politically active pensioners don’t want to make it difficult for our MPs/candidates at the next election, we want to make it bloody hard.
Perhaps I should have labelled this post under "barking mad" instead of politics and such. Becasue if past performance is anything to go by that's exactly what they will think we are.

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