Friday, 28 August 2009

A couple of bad days

I can’t believe it’s nearly a week since I last posted. I had a couple of bad days which can really screw up my schedule of activities especially if they follow each other. This is rare I’m pleased to say but extremely frustrating for me. I’m into my new drug regime by a couple of weeks now and am experiencing all the advised side effects although in most cases only slight. It’s difficult to tell if the new drug is actually working and I don’t suppose I will really know until my next blood test in a couple of weeks time. It’s not like taking a pain killer when the headache disappears in a few minutes. These things can take weeks to get into the system and start to sort out the bad stuff. There are though some small signs that lead me to think that perhaps we might just be holding this thing to a draw at least.
Not to understate the position :- I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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