Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Little green lights

Orange ones, red ones and assorted other colours. No I’ve not been drinking it’s not drugs prescribed or otherwise and it’s not an alien space ship. Men from other universes don’t make it as far as Great Barr. It’s the way my house is lit up at night. The phenomenon is more evident down stairs but the bedrooms and my office are also guilty. The only two rooms in the house not affected are the upstairs bathroom and loo. Every appliance however sophisticated seems to need a warning light to tell you “I’m here, don’t forget me”. When I wonder around my home in the wee hours of the morning I contemplate how much these mille amps of electricity consumed by my electrical equipment is actually costing me and how much could I save if I switched a few off. Extension leads for example; why do they need a warning light? Our new boiler has a warning light on the front, the old one didn’t. The big items like the tele are switched off but most of the others are to damned inconvenient to switch off because of the positions of plugs. We have two digital clocks in the kitchen one on the cooker and one on a microwave. Turning these devises off is practical but would you want to have to re-set the clocks every time you wanted to cook. Can’t see the wife warming (pardon the pun) to that. You can purchase an energy monitoring devise these days so perhaps it’s time we invested in one.
I had a little browse this morning but never came up with one any ideas on what they are called?

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