Monday, 21 September 2009

Aunty Wainwright’s

I was reminded yesterday of Last of the Summer Wine character Cleggy and his fear of Aunty Wainwright and how she always managed to sell him something whether he needed it or not. I have a sort of Aunty Wainwright’s in the form of Edinburgh Woollen Mill or EWM as it is now know. Aunty Wainwright is in the form of my wife who whenever we get near a EWM store insists we go in and I then need new jumpers, coats, socks etc. I know I’ve had it just by entering the store. Resistance is impossible, my arguments are futile. It’s just a matter of damage limitation. I usually try to avoid being near a store but yesterday I fell right into the trap. Apparently I need new jumpers for the winter and my coats are a disgrace. I did really well limiting the damage to one new jumper which I have to say aint bad. In fact I was well pleased with my resistance and my jumper. Or did I really get conned again?


Black Country Kid said...

Perhaps you should pretend you are 'Compo' then you could avoid the EWM. Not sure if you a fan of LOTSW but I have loved watching it for the whole time it's been on and love to tune in to the old episodes on SKY

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Like you I'm a great fan of LOTSW when there is "nothing on the box the old episodes on Skye suit me just fine.