Thursday, 10 September 2009

Bulletin on the railings

His majesty has asked me to pass on the following short statement. Recent blood tests have revealed a slight improvement to his condition. The doctors still have great confidence with the new drug but his condition continues to give the medical team and the family concerns. Statement ends.

The reality. A bloody close shave (pun intended). I would have liked to have seen a 1-0 win to Bob but what we got was a 0-0 draw. The next month will be another cliff hanger.
What we experienced though on this visit to the clinic was the NHS at its worst. The clinic ran two hours late which for me waiting for the news I was waiting for was intolerable. The consultant was on holiday so I saw a registrar who I have no criticism of but the organisation of the clinic was chaos. I knew from the time of arrival that there was going to a delay and asked the sister how long it was going to be. She blatantly lied to me telling me there was no delay. It wasn’t until an hour in that again I requested to know how long it was that we were told an hour which again was incorrect. I accept that at times like these delays will occur but patients should be told the truth. I could have gone home for a couple of hours instead we left the hospital exhausted and very fed up. This was topped by arrival at the car park pay machine where about half a dozen patients were smoking despite a big sign telling them not to. You can’t avoid the stale smoke so it’s time the hospital authorities did something about this filthy practice. The last thing I want after a hospital visit is to breath in somebody else’s stale smoke. Oh, and clean up the entrance to Outpatients it’s a bloody disgrace. Statement ends Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Gerry said...

calm down Bob or the blood
pressure will be sky high,

margaret macklin said...

which hospital was this?had a mostly pleasant trip to new treatment centre at Dudley Rd this week.(although the 2hours it took with state of art technology to establish there was nothing wrong with infants hearing-what happened to the old clap test?-was a bit much)But felt really sorry for the chap who had traveled from West brom to be told the consultant he had come to see was at Sandwell that day.He was really laid back about it.Anyway glad to hear you not giving up the battle-as if you ever would!

Fat Prophet said...

I went to the doctor's this morning for the first appointment at 8-20a.m and sat reading the screen which says if you are late you will be seen at the doctor's discretion. My appointment time came and went and we arrived at the next persons appointment time and still I waited. At 8-35 the doctor arrived at the surgery and I eventually went in at 8-40a.m. so the doctor was already running 20 minutes late and I suspect me blood pressure had gone up a few points!!

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Sandwell and my blood pressure sure went up. My point I suppose is that at all times the patient must come first.