Friday, 25 September 2009

Clinic campaign supplemental

The political debate that now surrounds the provision of our clinic is an interesting development over here in little old Newton. I can’t remember a time in the last thirty years when people have got angry over something and someone led a protest campaign in the way the clinic campaign has galvanised public opinion. Over the last maybe 15yrs our ward has declined in many ways. The provision of health facilities being only one. Newton is normally a quiet little backwater.
The old miners estate or Durham estate as it is known locally is being revitalised by the work of a few local residents lead by our local labour Cllr. When complete this new estate will be a major improvement to our area. I mention this because we have elected Lib dem Cllrs over the last thirty years and only recently elected a labour Cllr. Against the odds. I wonder out loud if we did not have a labour Cllr. as part of the Newton team whether the labour controlled council would be giving the same kind of support we are now getting for our clinic.
The behaviour of the Lib Dems in our adjoining ward of Great Barr with Yew Tree over the provision of this facility is in my view unacceptable and I cannot understand why the party whip was not applied. The issue is far too important to our area including their ward to be scuppered in the way I feel they are attempting to do. Looking back at the last “protest” at our MP’s surgery the Tories who normally can’t be trusted with the NHS were present to support us but none of the Cllrs from Great Barr with Yew Tree attended. I should have spotted it then.
I will continue to monitor this situation but somebody needs to be telling the electorate. There is a precedent of independent candidates standing on “save our hospital” ticket so perhaps a similar thing might occur over here with Clinics being the major issue. Ummmmmmmmmm?
What really gets me annoyed though is that they have sat on their hands for almost two years accepting what the PCT told them and it wasn’t until the protests became vocal and local political opinion (Newton ward) was galvanised that we managed to start things moving forward. In my opinion they now wish to sabotage this work.
I wonder what the next Focus on Great Barr with Yew Tree newsletter will be claiming. If anyone gets a copy perhaps they’d send it to me please.

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