Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bob’s blog, the international aspects

Since I added flag counter I’ve been surprised by both the number of hits and the international aspects to the hits. The displayed flag counter only shows 15 countries but in fact by clicking on flag counter gives a much different picture. In fact 45 countries have visited the site with over 1200 hits. I thought this was quite amazing until I read today fellow blogger Brownhills Bob ( who is claiming 10,000 hits in roughly the same period of time. Firstly well done Brownhills Bob. I follow this blog along with several others and I find it extremely interesting and informative although the context is not as varied as mine it’s a fascinating idea and well written.
What I find is difficult to understand is that the hit rate for comments is very small to the number of visits and none existent from 44 of the countries outside the UK who have visited. I got one comment from USA about a year ago. Neither blog appears on page one of google search if you enter Brownhills or Black Country you have to add “bob” to the search to get a hit. So what I wonder is going on? I’m still rather pleased with my little blog and amazed that so many are reading the ramblings of a grumpy old man. Like Brownhills Bob I’m having too much fun to pack it in.


Anonymous said...

most of these are likely to be spambots and not real visitors i'm afraid

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

What are spambots? they sound like an extention to spam but what a come down for the blog if this is true. I'm dead depressed.