Thursday, 3 September 2009

Clinic campaign my current thinking and wish list

It’s been a few weeks now since our PCT leadership advised on the strong possibility of actually getting our clinic at the Tanhouse centre. Because of my strong mistrust of the PCT and its motives I’ve been keeping a watching brief on the situation. I have also kept closely in touch with our MP and Newton ward councillors. It would appear that the process of contracts and negotiations for this site are moving forward at a pace. Councillors are being kept up to date with progress and a meeting as been set up with councillors from ours and adjoining wards to “run by them” the plans before publication. This worries me to some extent because I am hearing that councillors from adjoining wards are delaying the process to try to benefit their own wards. The other concern that I have with this is that I have not been invited to any of these meetings on behalf of the Clinic Campaign. The PCT probably have a policy of not talking with pressure groups but to me that is very short sighted because without the campaign getting a full political backing for this clinic we would not be where we are today and the neighbouring councillors would still be contemplating their navels and moaning about lack of action. Shame on them if this is true and I have no reason to believe it is not. I can feel an open letter to the chair of PCT coming on complaining about our treatment on this issue and perhaps bringing to the attention of the local electorate what I believe is happening on our borders. Our local councillors though feel confident enough to feel that although we need to keep the pressure on we should be thinking of a wish list for what services we would like at our clinic. Can this really be happening? I feel like a child at Christmas.
Dear Santa er! PCT manager
Can we have please?
Two Doctors with extended consultancy hours and backed up by an efficient out of hours service,
Well managed appointments system
A walk in facility during opening hours
Full practice nurse back up
Facilities for care in the community (district) nurses
Diabetes clinic
Phlebotomy/warfarin clinic
Mum and baby clinic
Dental facilities
Foot clinic, manned to be able to cover the needs of our ageing population
STD advice and guidance
Mental health/alzheimer’s/memory clinic
Minor x-ray facilities.
Obesity/weight watchers support and services
Benefits/social services advice and guidance.
Day centre for elderly to link with and develop lunch club and support the work of existing older peoples groups operating from these premises.
Café to accommodate extra visitors.
And all in the best facilities in Sandwell
Now wouldn’t that be nice?
Thank you in anticipation. List is not in any particular priority order. We would like it all.

If any of my assumptions concerning the motives of our neighbouring councillors are wrong I apologise and I will be happy to publish your comments.


margaret macklin said...

Oh yes- please and helpful receptionists.And can it be at the Scott arms please?

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

No it can't be at the Scot Arms please keep up Margaret. The Scots is the last place on earth that a clinic needs to be. If you count the medical facilities there and then look across the canal to Newton and do a comparison it's scandalous how the PCT have neglected Newton. I blame great Barr Councillors.