Tuesday, 1 September 2009

“Retirement is the place to be” (or is it?)

Since I started writing poetry I have been asked from time to time to write a poem to celebrate somebody’s retirement. I never gave much thought to how the outcome of these poems was affected by my feelings at the time. No one as yet complained and I have to say some of them have been pretty good. Nothing like a bit of self praise now and again.
A close relative as reached that time in life when she is ready to chuck away the chalk and close the classroom door for the last time.
My wife makes excellent creative cards (available at a modest cost via BBCB) which she did for this event but there was no verse inside, so I wrote one. This little rhyme though does reflect a lot about how I feel about retirement these days and is not the usual Bon Amie associated with retiring. I just wonder if any of you feel it is in bad taste before I send it. :-

“Retirement is the place to be” (or is it?)

From the daily hustle and bustle you’re now free,
the worlds you’re oyster and there’s lots to see.
Feet up and slippers and no more stress,
it’s hobbies and interests you need to address.
Stay in bed when it’s wet and cold,
that’s one good thing about getting old.
You don’t have to rush for train and bus,
life’s a leisurely pace without the fuss.
A pension and bus pass are waiting for you,
then off to the hospital and wait in a queue.
You’ll need a new hip and maybe a knee,
the rest of your treatment we’ll just wait to see.
Instead of the hustle for bus and train,
life starts to go quickly down the drain.
Enjoy your retirement, give it your best,
remember in truth it’s the penultimate test.
There’s one other thing I forgot to mention,
watch out for Gordon he’ll steal your pension!


Fat Prophet said...

I like it but then I am ten years away from retirement - if I received this i would find it highly amusing but also very accurate.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thank you FP

Anonymous said...

How do you manage to avoid the stress of living in Great Barr? ie getting mown down at the scotts lights. continual noise nuisance.No street lights.Anti social behaviour No leisure facilities etc. etc???? And coming up- no schools for our kids coz surplus places been reduced(and widely schools closed) and there has been a baby boom. or is that just in my world? Great poem though

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

That's not the Great Barr I know Anonymous. The bit about the Scot's maybe and I guess you must live near the motorway.