Saturday, 26 September 2009

Compo and some

A couple of my posts recently have raised some discussion from fellow bloggers in the form of comments and from my friends and family who although read the blog don’t often comment. The three items that created the most interest were Aunty Wainwright, Road Hogs and Mouth Wash.
One blogger commented that if tried to be more like Compo I wouldn’t have the problem with Aunty Wainwright. When the wife read this she insisted I did not need to try to look like Compo I was him on most days and then insisted I needed more new cloths. This as meant three shopping trips in one week. Anyone who knows me will realise that I must at least be running a temperature or I’m in a serious state and need to rest.
The Mouth Wash post received one of the funniest comments I’ve ever received when a mate of my wife’s said “she should have gone to Specsavers”. The other side to that story is that the misses left the offending bottle of mouth wash vertical on the built in seat in our corner bath/shower. Now I’m not going to explain my surprise when I came to sit to wash my feet but a few four letter expletives were uttered. I wonder just who had the last laugh.
The road rage post though tops them all and shows what a serious problem there is out there with these drivers. I loved the comment about the bloke who bought an old taxi “so that he could drive like Pratt and get away with it”. My car is silver (which is the preferred colour for Sandwell mini cabs) so I wonder if I stick a yellow badge on the back I can drive like a Pratt and get away with it. Umm now that’s asking for trouble I suspect. It isn’t just immigrant taxi drivers though that are a problem. There is nothing racial about what I’m going to say but I suspect that a lot of immigrant drivers do not speak good English and if they have drivers licences can’t read road signs. I experienced a couple of example of this this week with Asian drivers which made me wonder about their suitability to drive. With frightening figures out this week of the numbers of cars being driven without insurance and drivers who can’t speak English we have a potential major problem.
A fellow blogger who is also a Sandwell Cllr. claimed that a Cllr. who is definitely not on my Christmas card list wanted to introduce a dress code but my blogger friend suggested a f***ing Highway Code would be more appropriate. I definitely agree with the Highway Code bit although the ones I’ve used are generally a scruffy bunch so coming from Compo incarnate perhaps something should be done on that front.
A tightening up of driving skills and more frequent tests seems to me to be appropriate here.
Keep the comments coming folks on the blog on the blower or in person they keep me going especially on those days I’m not feeling 100%.

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