Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bring back the ball.

First I have to explain that in our house I am not qualified to load the dish washer or press the buttons on the washing machine. These tasks according to my wife are her territory. One of the biggest complaints I have been getting from the misses these days is over the new design of washing liquid container. Apparently they are to fat in holding position and there are no indents to assist with handling. The sealing panel breaks easily and therefore the container cannot be stored as it was designed. The cap which is placed in the machine is difficult to handle and spillages are frequent. The old design was easier but the previous design of a ball beats both these. I wonder why Proctor and Gamble changed things and what sort of a reference group did they have to check it out before release on the market. Please restore tranquillity in BBCB household and bring back the ball.


Gerry said...

I just throw a liquitab
in the bottom of my washing m/c
so much easier for an old cogger like me to understand.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I passed on your comments to the misses. I dare not comment myself you understand.
I think there is a brand loyalty issue here. BBCB