Sunday, 25 October 2009


I’ve mentioned before on the blog how much I enjoy Thursday evenings when I collect my English grandkids for tea. Seeing the enthusiasm from them I know they enjoy it to. It is the only time during the week I get them all to myself. It is also the only time I don’t mind being stuck in traffic. During the joke spot this week grandson said “I got a text from my mate which said BNGA, so I texted him back and said that’s BANG out of order”. I collapsed laughing. Perhaps telling jokes while driving is as bad as using a mobile phone because at that stage my driving was appalling.
Granddaughter who is now old enough to appreciate how talented she is and that with her school results straight A/A* she can do whatever she wants as a career. She has over months come out with some amazing career choices all of which show great aspirations. I of course have encouraged this. This week she calmly announced she was going to be Prime Minister and would I help her get started. You know that MP guy granddad could you ask him if I can do my work experience in his office. I explained a bit about local politics and how it worked and suggested she write to him directly. This morning I collected her letter just to check it over and I was amazed. She could indeed be a future PM the quality of her prose and the detail are most impressive. But I would say that wouldn’t I.
I never got to establish what party line her politics might follow so I guess that is a mark of a good future politician.

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