Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Vicious cuts

It’s interesting to see the leaders of all the political parties lining up to expand on their plans to make cuts to pay back our massive debts incurred since the start of this recession. The worst report I think was that from an Institute of Directors/Tax Payers Alliance think tank who want to freeze old age pensions (I prefer increased taxes to overpaid directors). Yesterday saw a report from International monetary fund telling Britain we need to cut back on our spending on NHS to put things right.
Let me remind them that this recession was caused by bankers who not only screwed up their own businesses they screwed up national and international economies by their greed. The IMF are no more than bankers so who are they to be dictating to us what we should do? Gordon Brown threatened to come down hard on bankers’ bonuses but he never really got at getting these irresponsible businesses to make full retribution for the misery their greed has caused. As far as I can see only two banks in UK were run well enough not to require government help Barclays & HSBC. And I have no issue with them paying their board members bonuses based on sustainable profits (suitably taxed of course). I have a lot of issues though with the others who must be penalised for their contributions to the crisis. Bring Fred Goodwin to justice ASAP
If my memory serves me well UK PLC only finally paid off its war debt in 2002 which was largely due to good financial management by the labour government. I don’t understand why Cameron and Co are so eager to pay this debt off so quickly. Interest on the loan can surely be passed on. Let’s ask a wanker banker for advice on how to do it. Gordon is right to be taking a long term view. I need to go and have a lie down I must be running a temperature, agreeing with GB.
Our living standards and care are threatened by the Cameron approach. The Tory conference yesterday saw delegates with smug” we’re the next government” faces telling the press how they are going to save money by squeezing those on Incapacity Benefit. Typical Tory rhetoric blame the poor and sick. One delegate with a privileged background probably spends more on his evening meal than someone on Incapacity benefit gets in a week. Yes there are a few who exploit the system but a bigger percentage of Tory MPs were caught out during the expenses scandal. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. The more I watch this slimy bunch parading their bash the poor propaganda the more I realise why Blair won. Wake up Gordon the election is there to be won but you will not do it carrying on as you are. The nasty party are alive and electioneering, lead by one of the privileged. The good news is UKIP are going to contest 500 seats at the next election. That ought to split the Tory vote.


Gerry said...

Bob a lot of people on incapacity benefit are a load of skivers,
not all I might say but it is time thoughs people where sent back to work.
and is it only the labour goverment
who have been in power since the
war or are they just lucky to be
in power when the debt is paid off.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I agree Gerry but the point I’m making is that we need not rush to pay of the debt. The period after the war up to 2002 saw I think three recessions which the Tories just accepted and never really tried to help those people affected hence long term unemployment for thousands and the sick culture that became evident in some areas. I had a lot of sympathy with those folks because loosing your job at a time like that can be devastating mentally. The skivers bit I don’t subscribe to.