Sunday, 4 October 2009

Full of Life Festival II

I understand there were 900 of these events taking place up and down the country. I need to thank Sandwell Council and our PCT for funding it again this year. THE PUBLIC is a perfect venue for this type of event.
I want to thank all those folks who came along on our stall for a chat. Special thanks to Fat Prophet a fellow blogger it was great to meet him face to face so to speak, His picture on his blog does not do him justice. A regular commenter Margaret also came to say hello although I know her well from local forums and such.
The event was a little disappointing this year with a lot less attending than last year. The three stalls I am associated with had a steady stream of punters though. It’s always difficult at these shows to judge the reaction to your offering I suppose we need to wait and see if any new members turn up.
Our film “The meeting” (script by you know who) was a big disappointment. The sound did not come over well, was interrupted by the PA system announcing other activities and some people walked out. A disappointing audience we never managed a titter from them all the way through. The film which is an irreverent look at local politics. Concerns a local party representing older people two weeks before the local elections. The characters are larger than life in a setting similar to the Vicar of Dibley parish council meetings. We had a lot of fun rehearsing and filming it and thought it very funny. Looks like we have a lot of work to do. I suppose though from an amateur group new to this we did not do so bad. Last year we did a similar thing but with a much better response.
The misses was not feeling so good in the afternoon and has since been diagnosed with Swine Flu. Oh what a palaver getting Tamiflu. It brings the poor health facilities in our area to the fore. I had to travel to Oldbury to pick up the drugs for her. I’m delighted to say she is now on the mend but I just wonder how many people she infected during Thursday’s event. She did not know she was sick or would not have attended. My grandson is refusing to visit her because “he does not like pigs” I wish I had kept all the funny things the kids have said.

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Fat Prophet said...

Please give the editor in chief my regards and wish her a speedy recovery