Thursday, 15 October 2009

Traffic chaos.

I’ve mentioned before on this blog traffic conditions at our busiest road junction the Scot Arms. I don’t often go there but on occasion it is unavoidable. It doesn’t seem to matter at what time of day parking is impossible and our Liberal Councillors for Great Barr with Yew tree want to add to this chaos by having a clinic built near this junction. Totally bonkers in my view. Today the misses and I had to go to the bank. Usually the folks are very polite and although crossovers are sometimes blocked and double parking is very common motorists accommodate each other. Today there was horn tooting angry encounters and poor behaviour and that was just me. No; I jest, I’m talking generally here I was my usual self effacing self. The best bit of bad behaviour though was the lady (this is not knocking lady drivers, honest) parked in front of me on the duel carriage way she moved off did a U turn and drove about fifty yards the wrong way along the duel carriageway until she came to a cross over place that enabled her to move to the correct carriageway. My open mouth must have been big enough to park a bus. I just couldn’t believe my eyes or that she was lucky enough to get away with it.


Gerry said...

thats something us ladys have
leaned Bob smile sweetly and you can get away with anythink

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I thought about asking her to pick my lottery numbers.

margaret macklin said...

yes the large amount of red paint and taxpayers money hasnt done a thing to ease this junction has it?I'm here everyday and dont have an ounce of sympathy for those lazy able bodied people who cannot be bothered to park up their cars and walk a few feet.And dont tell me its coz of the cost of the carpark as Aldi dont charge and theres a huge carpark there!!!its always the men in the most expensive cars who seem to think they have a God given right to park on double yellow(as outside the post office) double red or zigzags. Still in the place you describe the buses turning are also at fault as the turning toward Calshot was provided at huge expense to stop them bunging up the right lane on the Sandwell side. PFFT men drivers!!!!!!!

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I do hope they will hurry up and get the traffic lights installed at Hamstead road. Must hassle my Cllr about that but which one?

Fat Prophet said...

Margaret Macklin makes an excellent point in respect of red routes because wherever I have seen one it does not seem to have improved the flow of traffic. I have to say I always think the Scott Arms Junction is a nightmare especially if you are Birmingham bound.
I do sometimes wonder if there is a hidden agenda to drive us all out of our cars by creating stupid traffic schemes that are supposed to improve the flow of traffic but actually have the reverse effect.
Have you been by the Arboretum in Walsall recently or tried travelling from the Broadway to Willenhall via the ring road? I think there are times when I could walk quicker - I try to avoid the Arboretum traffic lights whenever I can. I would love to know which dozy plonker came up with the two lanes of traffic on Broadway North turning right into Lichfield Street where there is just one lane - amazingly two into one won't go!

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I know what you mean about the Arboretum FP this must rank has one of the most confusing junctions in UK, and yes I screwed up the first time I went there under the new rules.