Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Tories have been reading my blog

I watched some of George Osborn’s speech the other day and was impressed by some of the issues he raised/promised. We’re all in this together smacked a bit of the old “are you thinking what I’m thinking” slogan used by Michael Howard during his campaign. What did surprise me though was that he actually talked about pensions and pensioners and not in the off hand way that Brown does. He promised better pensions for all a return to wages linking on pensions and noted the problems that the Brown raid on pensions had caused. Very commendable stuff. What he did not say was when and how much. The Brown raid on pensions caused many funds to go under and the introduction of Pension Protection Fund and Financial Protection Scheme both of which are under funded causing recipients to fall further behind year on year. The change to wages linking in the short term will not be of any benefit particularly if they impose a pay freeze the % increase will be below existing index linking but I guess in the long term it will be better and is long overdue. I like the idea of improved pensions for all. Can this be real a Tory offering to improve pensions and Labour begrudging ever penny we are paid. The worlds gone mad. I like the way this campaign is going by next May who knows what the Liberals will be offering. Come on Gordon, what’s your bid? I’m looking for words like substantial increase in pensions for all and abolition of pension’s tax credits. Paid for by increase in taxes and cuts in salaries of MPs, civil servants and bankers. You know it makes sense. Labour need to be aware that pensioner groups are aware of and campaigning against their evil plan (because that is what it is) to do away with attendance allowance and introduce a means tested scheme administered by local authorities. The folks who get this allowance are some of the sickest and weakest in our society and I never believed a Labour administration could even consider such a scheme. If they continue with it, it will just cost them the election. It’s typical of the evil Brown’s blinkered view on life like the removal of 10p tax band.


Anonymous said...

Labour are going to restore the link in the next Parliament Bob

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I know but it will have takem them 16yrs and Brown has begrudged every penny he has been forced to pay pensioners.