Thursday, 22 October 2009

Lateral thinking

I have been critical of our MP Tom Watson on occasion but last week he really excelled himself. Our local Tories have continually sniped about our cultural centre in West Brom THE PUBLIC but without any real practical alternatives being offered. At one stage they wanted to turn it into a bowling alley. The thinking I suppose from them is whenever they moan about THE PUBLIC will always get the majority view against it. As you all know I don’t hold this view. Tom came up with a brilliant idea which he is going to put before Parliament. The plan is to permanently house the Staffordshire Hoard at THE PUBLIC for display. He also criticised the Arts Council for abandoning the project. Well done Tom this is exactly the kind of out of the box thinking we need and sets Labour apart from the Tories who have not changed and never will. Let’s have more Mr. Tom.
West Brom is the southern most town in Staffordshire and a perfect place for the treasure. I just love the idea. Sandwell needs a cultural/arts centre the idea of a bowling alley is a load of balls.


Methodist Preacher said...

Tom has got this one right. Perhaps we could also include Sandwell Couuncil'sextensive collection of Ruskin Pottery?

Gerry said...

bob, as Tamworth was the capital
of Mercia, and it is thought it was
hidden their to hide it from
a raid on Tamworth by vikings.
though the poor man must have been killed or he would have dug it
up again.
I think it would be better back were it came from in the castle.
And you townies get your own


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Nice thinking Gerry but of course it gets a big raspberry from us townies. You can just about swing a cat in that pill box you call a Castle. You should ask that nice man your MP to support the West Brom bid.

margaret macklin said...

"continually sniped" ??I dont think so. Represented the opposing view that the huge amount of taxpayers money would have been better spent elsewhere?.I think so. However, that money being spent already and looking for money for the upkeep,I actually think this is a really good idea.Well done for at last earning some of the huge amount of money paid to our M.P.

margaret macklin said...

P.S.the Ruskin pottery is currently housed at the Wednesbury museum.Heres a snipe- doesnt that need some money spent on its upkeep???????????

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I luv it when you girls give me a tough time (I was going to say hard time but that could have been misunderstood). The misses and I went into brum yesterday to the museum and art gallery. I know the politics over there but the gallery is a beautiful place and it’s free. Sandwell’s six towns are still very parochial and as such don’t mix well so getting something like an art centre in one town is never going to work with the rest. I thought Tom’s idea was a good way of bringing both cash and community cohesion to our borough.