Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Senior moment.

I was having dinner on Sunday with some close friends including my friend Gerry who sometimes comments on this blog and occasionally gives me a tough time. She thinks David Cameron is such a nice man. I must address this issue of my tastes in friends. I digress because when she reads this I’m going to be in deep dodo. Getting back to my tale! I was given a birthday card from her addressed to herself. I haven’t opened it yet because it was sent a little early and no I’m not revealing the date or my age except to admitting I’m past it. The misses has a birthday a few days before me and has to have a special delivery because she literally gets a ton of cards. I get the regular six or seven which I’m extremely grateful for. The misses leaves her cards on display to make mine look better. How thoughtful is that?
Sorry Gerry please read the poem and have a nice day. I hope you are still speaking to me.


Gerry said...

Bob, do you have to tell everyone
about my senior moment.
Thank to you and Pat for a lovely

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I'm pleased you are still speaking to me. It was lovaly to see you again.