Saturday, 31 October 2009


I had to visit my doctor and had almost the last appointment of the evening. It has been a long time since I visited the surgery in the dark and what a depressing place it is. Poor lighting around the site only adds to the gloom. This is the only surgery on the south side of the canal that splits our ward. During my consultation it was interrupted by yobs climbing on and rattling the window protection screens. The doctor was about to start a delicate procedure on my body when the interruption started. A second or two later and the result would have been eye watering for me I jumped but the doctor who was used to this stayed calm. The yobs were peering through the slits in the blinds at me on the couch. These facilities are old fashioned and totally inappropriate for our need. The doctor deserves better and so do we. Apparently this type of interruption is quite a common occurrence during surgery hours. I felt quite intimidated by the behaviour. The perpetrators were not around when I left the surgery. Cllrs. from Great Barr with Yew Tree please note when you are considering the health facilities in our area these are the kind of conditions we have to put up with. There is no practical alternative. I think if the Tanhouse Clinic does not get the go ahead there will be a massive public outburst of anger.
In Oldbury a temporary clinic was constructed using Porta Cabins. We need these facilities now. Why is no one from the authorities asking for a recovery plan? The very best possibility is our clinic will be at least a year late. We need these facilities NOW. Councillors/PCT PLEASE NOTE. I can see some difficult times ahead. 6/11/2009 2pm meeting with PCT and Councillors when I believe we will be getting news on “some positive progress”. Could the long suffering residents of Newton at last be getting our clinic? More on this after 6/11/2009.

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