Wednesday, 14 October 2009

MPs expenses

This lot are just back from their hols and what do we get? The whinging goes on about their expenses. They don’t seem to understand the public anger over what went on so they start to dig it all up again. Ann Widdecombe was on the lunch time news complaining about what she feels is an injustice and claiming that some MPs are just about getting by and some may not be. Now if they can’t get by on 65 grand with exes should they be there in the first place? The other complaint was that the auditor had in effect changed the rules. If you have an expenses account and theirs is a very generous one although the local accountant may approve the expenses claim when the accounts are audited if the auditor feels the expenses are not justified then the recipient would have to reimburse the employer. This is in effect what has happened here.
I would say this to all Labour MPs pack it in, smile, pay back any monies if you are asked to and let’s move on. Labour have enough to do if they are to even get close at the next election without this constant whinging. The public have had enough. Cameron once again takes the moral high ground and Clegg seems to me to be about to shoot himself in the foot. You are in effect undermining our democratic process.

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