Sunday, 16 March 2008

I don’t see the bigger picture.

Oh yes I do.
I was talking a few days ago to one of our leading opposition politicians who had obviously been reading the blog. He was referring to my post “Ignorant git” He claimed that it was all opposition tactics to upset Labour to making mistakes. I explained that from where I was sitting in the public gallery it looked anything but. After awhile he explained the deputy leader would have to make a public apology and it was all part of a plan and I could not see the bigger picture. From where I was sitting the picture was big enough and clear. Our controlling labour group were arrogant and our opposition were weak and ineffectual. A senior labour member has commented on this blog about their behaviour. I would be very happy to give the opposition has many column inches to put their case. Two of my own councillors were missing from the meeting so I don’t ever expect any input from them but I will be covering that nearer the local elections.

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