Thursday, 20 March 2008

Special relationship.

With news yesterday that today is the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war 2 I got to thinking of some of the issues affecting us. Not the political hullabaloo but the personal stuff. With family in the USA we have a very special relationship across the pond. I was reminded of the events of 7th of 7th when very late in the evening our telephone rang. That late at night for us usually means trouble but this time it was our six years old grandson. I did not know he was capable of using the telephone on his own let alone call us. He said, I heard something really bad happened in your country today are you and Nana alright? You can’t hug someone who is 3 thousand miles away but I sure wanted to hug him. Both his Nan & I were in tears. Thank you Oscar for being so thoughtful. I later phone his Mum only to discover she did not know he had called us and neither she nor his dad had coached him to do it.
I know I have three other grandkids and no I have not forgotten you I’m so proud of all of you and will unless Nana stops me be giving little write ups on you all.
Lotsaluv grd

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