Wednesday, 26 March 2008

West Brom buses go right to the top.

Our local evening paper at one time would not go to press without a story or picture of our local MP. Well that’s how I visualised it because he was certainly featured very regularly. Yesterday we had a report on the ever increasing rate of inflation which the government insist is only 2.5 % but we all know is probably 4 times that and especially if you are a pensioner. Tucked away though on page 20 was a small piece about our MP promising to take the concerns about buses being withdrawn in his constituency “right to the top” All very interesting but the story is about two months out of date because it is the same story I reported on in my blog on 1st Feb “Pensioner power! I luv it” He should read my blog a lot more to find out what is happening on his patch. This Thursday sees the next town committee meeting where I expect the matter will be aired again especially if the pensioners have not got their bus back. oh yes it will!

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